Friday, March 29, 2013

The Pink Moose. WHAT?!?!? Pink?


  1. Hello Mr ESB are these little things on the car windows an American thing, I have never seen then over here.

  2. Rob: I wasn't sure about the people and family window stickers being a strictly USofA thing. I don't even know where you buy these things. They are on a significant minor percentage of our automobiles. I try to photograph aLL the interesting ones. You should start the way in the UK, be a pioneer!

    I just checked your weather and it says it is just above freezing, hope you stay warm tonight.

    1. It is due to be cold here tonight but the house is warm.

      By the way not sure if you know but you have word verification turned on here so commenting is tricky

    2. Oh, thanks, I didn't realize it was turned on. I am not sure if I have ever had comments on this particular blog. I wiLL see about getting it changed.